PBS: Mission, Vision and Goals

At Permata Bangsa our mission is to work in partnership with all members of the school community to make teaching and learning exciting and enjoyable, support and challenge every child to develop a clear sense of self- worth, language and cultural identity; to understand and develop strong character and self- esteem; to strive for excellence in all activities they embrace.  
• PBS will become a thriving English-medium instruction school, operating as a fully accredited SPK school, with room to support our growing programs. 
• PBS will become community leaders in the delivery of student centred, English medium/bilingual learning programmes to Indonesian learners who’s first langue is not English.
• We will maintain our designation as an ‘SPK’ school, attaining National and Cambridge certification(s) where possible for all teachers.  
• PBS will become known for our competent and committed staff, our accessible community, and for our happy, well-adjusted students, who demonstrate a strong academic aptitude and an ongoing passion for life and education. 
• PBS learners will value the spiritual, cultural and social context of faith, community and family. 
• Our inspiring Nationally certified teachers will continue to strive towards excellence in their own professional development in order to develop Indonesian Kurikulum 2013 (K-13) and through the Cambridge Pathways structure in the delivery of Permata Bangsa’s Programme of Studies. 

• To open our learners’ eyes and minds to the realities of the globalised world through awareness and understanding of our own and other cultures, religions, race and ways of life.
• To create opportunities for learners to build strong character through the development of skills such as honesty, respect, tolerance, discipline, persistence, creativity, independence, democracy, and nationalism.
• To awaken their desire to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and Human Rights for all.
• To create an environment in which all children can express themselves and experience success and thereby build self-confidence
• To develop in our learners a sense of excellence the positive attitudes towards lifelong learning.
• To develop curricula and a bilingual, discourse-rich instructional setting aimed at: Academic achievement, additive bilingualism and bi-literacy; cultural pluralism and the acquisition of both a national and international Diploma.
• To develop a stimulating environment which is organised, secure, structured and purposeful.
• To prepare learners for the demands of emerging technology.
• To Provide for children’s physical development.
• To recognise the importance of communicating with parents and school support agencies.
• To challenge every child to achieve at the highest level they possibly can. To be “Simply the Best”.


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