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The Advanced Level (AS/A) year(s) is a very important time in a student's life. In these years young adults begin moving away from the structure and safety of Secondary and IGCSE and begin developing the essential skills for university. At the Advanced Level, the curriculum forces our learners to take control of their learning and become independent learners.

The PBS Upper Secondary Programme targets learners aged 16 to 19 years.

  • Indonesian passport holders will sit examinations for National qualifications.
  • Students wishing to apply for tertiary education abroad will sit Cambridge A/AS Examinations for international qualifications.

Living in the 21st century, in an interconnected, globalized world, requires critical thinking skills and a sense of international mindedness, something that Permata Bangsa students come to know and understand.  

The curriculum at the Advanced Level aims to help young adults negotiate this enormous change. Therefore, the curriculum has not just been developed to provide young adults with information, facts and answers, it has also been developed to encourage them to take control of their learning and become responsible for themselves.

The PBS Cambridge AS/A Level Programme is broad based and requires students to study courses across six disciplines (three of these are Higher Level and three at Standard Level).

At PBS, we believe excellence in education should: 

  • Sustain the cultural identity and ethos of the school and support the spiritual journey of all learners, their families and staff through:  The creative implementation of Indonesian Kurikulum 2013 and Cambridge Pathway structure; effective teaching and learning strategies; continuous professional development; learner involvement in the leadership of the spiritual life of the school; and through effective engagement with families and community life.
  • Maximise potential progress and achievement of all learners through: Provision which ensures at least good and often outstanding learning and teaching; monitoring and feedback, leading to sustained high rates of  progress; and consistently high standards based upon effective knowledge of prior attainment and vulnerable groups. 
  • Enjoy and achieve through: Ensuring a broad and creative approach to the curriculum which builds outstanding learning behaviours and makes appropriate links between subjects whilst maintaining progression in key subject skills (according to Kurkulum 2013 K13 and Cambridge Pathway structure); using innovative ICT to deliver and inspire learning; and effective feedback to ensure that individual learning needs are continually developed. 
  • Promote community cohesion and celebrate the diversity of our school community, ensuring quality for all, respect for diversity &  sustaining Indonesian Values, the rights of the child and themes of social justice and the common good.

We believe an appropriate learning environment should: 

  • Develop a safe and comfortable, outstanding learning environment which is conducive to effective and creative learning and teaching and which maximises the opportunities for learning indoors and outdoors.
  • Promote children’s emotional and mental health well being through an effective and relevant PSHEC curriculum and school wide systems that enable them to be resilient when they encounter problems and challenges.
  • Support and promote the well being of all staff and healthy lifestyles for all.
  • Ensure effective communication, consultation & consistency with all groups of staff, learners and parents in order that everyone understands and is able to engage with whole school development issues and priorities.

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