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ECY/TK PAUD - Ages 3 - 5

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At Permata Bangsa School preparation for Stage/Grade 1 in Primary School begins in PlayGroup, continues in Preschool A and Preschool B, and takes place over 3 years.  International research shows the benefits of children taking part in full-time quality programmes before they start Grade 1.  

The integrated Early Childhood Years (ECY) Curriculum used in PlayGroup, Preschool A and B has been develop specifically to build on your child's learning at home and in other places. 

Our unique ECY approach prepares our young learners for lifelong learning. It helps our young learners to:

  • Take charge of their own learning,
  • Promotes creativity,
  • Brings novelty into learning and
  • Facilitates learning.

It creates room for: 

  • Engaging the combination of subjects,
  • Emphasizing projects,
  • Creating flexible schedules,
  • Creating flexible learning groups,
  • Allowing teaching and learning to go beyond the use of textbooks.

The PBS integrated ECY curriculum incorporates all areas of development-physical, cognitive, emotional and social of the child. It blends content areas into thematic or problem-focused units of study and uses a child centred approach to learning and instruction - unifying all the subjects to bring about comprehensive learning. 

We believe an appropriate learning environment should: 

  • Develop a safe and comfortable, outstanding learning environment which is conducive to effective and creative learning and teaching and which maximises the opportunities for learning indoors and outdoors.
  • Promote children’s emotional and mental health well being through an effective and relevant PSHEC curriculum and school wide systems that enable them to be resilient when they encounter problems and challenges.
  • Support and promote the well being of all staff and healthy lifestyles for all.
  • Ensure effective communication, consultation & consistency with all groups of staff, learners and parents in order that everyone understands and is able to engage with whole school development issues and priorities.

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