How To Enroll Your Child To a Class


To enroll you child into Permata Bangsa School, we suggest that you fill in the enrollment form by clicking the Enrollment form above.
This will give us a good background on your child's academic history and your family.
The admissions staff shall contact you to arrange an interview.
Interviews can by conducted in person or using Zoom or Skype or even using WhatsApp from your mobile device.
Alternativly you can contact the admissions team by phone 024 7464482 or by email.

This will be the bahasa Indonesia information as to the left.

  It is easy to enroll your child: 

Enrollment Options - you can enroll your child in any of the following ways: 

 Complete the online enrollment application: 
       Enroll Online - English                
       Enroll Online – Bahasa Indonesia
  - Or - 

Contact us at 024 7464482.  If after hours, please leave a message and our Admin will return your call.
  - Or – 
Meet with a Principal, Kerry Neuman, to complete the enrollment process.
Call Ms. Cecilia at 024 7464482 to schedule your appointment to complete the application and enrollment paperwork. 
Interviews can by conducted in-office or remotely using Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype