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21st Centrury Global Education. Cambridge Certified Assesment Center. Fully Accredited, SPK International School Semarang Indonesia.
Kindergarten (TK PAUD) - Primary (SD) - Junior High (SMP) - High School (SMA)

Your School, Your Choice.

Choose National Cetificate (UN) or Cambridge IGCSE/A-As

Offering an extensive range of courses including tailor curriculum mapped packages for international students. Our School management system allows you to track your students grades on a daily basis, see upcoming events, notes, assignments and homework. Permata Bangsa School offers many choices of extracurricular activities including Golf, tennis, badminton, football, karate, taekwondo, hip hop dancing, spelling bees and computer club.

Our Grades Permata Bangsa

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Florence October Promotion

Scholarships !

Please contact us if your interested in a free grade 3 or 4 or grade 11 in the 2019/2020 academic year.


Literacy Month 2018

Students were allowed to read any fiction or non-fiction book of their choosing. 


Citraland Expo

Thanks to all those for visiting the PBS team exhibiting in the Citraland Mall accross from Gelial Supermarket entrance. 



Many thanks to all those who joined PBS for Halloween. What a great night and some fantastic costumes.

The Vision of Permata Bangsa is to create a platform for both lifelong learning and the enhancement of leadership qualities in each individual student.
To accomplish this vision, Permata Bangsa is committed to:
• Enabling students to develop deeper understanding of their immediate Indonesian culture and the cultures of the world; and to grow in international-mindedness and respect for people who are different.
• Encouraging students to strive for excellence in academic, social and spiritual development in their daily lives;
• Providing a broad and balanced curriculum which supports individual needs and allows students to achieve their full potential;
• Promoting opportunities for students to develop their ability to work co-operatively with others;
• Instilling in students the concepts of self-esteem, self-reliance and responsibility;
• Building positive relationships among students, teachers and parents;
• Teaching students the skill of applying knowledge and information to real life situations;

Visi Permata Bangsa (PB) adalah menciptakan landasan baik bagi pendidikan seumur hidup dan meningkatkan kualitas kepemimpinan bagi tiap siswa.
Untuk mencapai visi tersebut, PB berkomitmen:
• Memberi kesempatan kepada para siswa untuk mengembangkan pemahaman yang lebih mendalam mengenai kebudayaan asli mereka dan kebudayaan dunia; menumbuhkan pola pikir internasional dan menghormati perbedaan.
• Mendorong para siswa untuk unggul dalam pengembangan akademik, sosial dan spiritual dalam kehidupan sehari-hari mereka.
• Menyediakan kurikulum yang luas dan seimbang yang mendukung kebutuhan individu dan memungkinkan siswa untuk mencapai potensi penuh mereka.
• Memberikan kesempatan bagi siswa untuk mengembangkan kemampuan mereka untuk bekerja secara kooperatif dengan orang lain.
• Menanamkan kepada siswa konsep harga diri, kemandirian dan tanggung jawab.
• Membangun hubungan positif antara siswa, guru dan orang tua.
• Mengajarkan kepada siswa keterampilan dalam menerapkan pengetahuan dan informasi di kehidupan nyata

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Phone: (+62) 024.746.4482
Email: admin@permatabangsa.com


Meet just some the folks who make Permata Bangsa School the best school in Semarang.

Ms. Kerry is the heart of Permata Bangsa. Designing programs and curriculum

Mr. Amin has been with Permata Bangsa since 2007. He holds a bachelor degree in sciences and maths.

Mr. Tory 
Mystery man of many wise words and most loved teacher.

Ms, Agustine has been with Permata Bangsa for 16 years and is a secalist in early ages language development.

Ms. Anissa has extensive experience with the young one and understands the high  importance of Early Years Learning

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Jl Gombel Lama, Golf Road. Tinjomoyo, Semarang Central Java Indonesia 50162


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