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Junior High School (SMP)

Key Stage 3 – SMP 

Key Stage Three is a very important period in your young adult’s life. It marks the end of Primary education and the beginning of Secondary education. It marks the end of childhood and the beginning of young adulthood.
The curriculum at Key Stage Three aims to help your young adult negotiate these two enormous changes. Therefore, the curriculum has not just been written to provide your young adult with information, facts and answers, it has also been written to encourage your young adult to take control of their learning and become responsible for themselves.

At Key Stage 3, the curriculum is as follows:
Language 1 Indonesian and English as a First Language.
Language 2 Javanese, Mandarin, Japanese, English and Indonesian as a Second Language.
Individuals and Society History, Geography, ICT and Religious Studies.
Experimental Science Science, Physical Education.
Mathematics Mathematics.
The Arts and Music Art, Drama and Music.
Indonesian Ministry subjects:
• Bahasa Indonesian – 4 lessons per week.
• Civics (bilingual) – 1 lesson per week.
• Religious Studies – 1 lesson per week.
NB: Students with non-Indonesian passports can opt for a combination of ISL or ESL. 


Jl Gombel Lama, Golf Road. Tinjomoyo, Semarang Central Java Indonesia 50162

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