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Primary School (SD)

Key Stages 1&2 – SD

At Permata Bangsa, we aim to provide your children with a smooth transition from the Early Years Program to Key Stage 1 & 2. Many of the classroom procedures and activities will be different as the children begin to work on higher level learning tasks. Therefore, you will discover that many of the learning activities in Years 1 to 6 will be structured and project based activities that engage the children in the use of hands on concrete learning materials. Projects, fun, challenging games and other activities can lead to solid learning outcomes.
Teaching Approaches
We use a variety of teaching approaches in Key Stage 2. Your child may have experienced some of the following teaching approaches in Early Years Program although others may be a new experience:
Whole Class Group teaching sessions on the carpet. Our teachers aim to make these as interactive as possible but they may be longer than the children are used to initially.
Small Group teaching and learning sessions. The children may be working in mixed ability or similar ability groups depending on the learning task.
During Small Group learning sessions, some groups will work with a teacher or assistant whilst other groups are working independently. These groups rotate so that every group of children has the opportunity to work on both teacher led and independent tasks.
Daily Bi-literacy and Numeracy tasks that reinforce basic skills. These may be written or practical.
Less structured play than in Early Years Program.
The Key Stage 2 Curriculum
At Permata Bangsa, we follow an integrated curriculum:
Australian National Curriculum
English National Curriculum / Cambridge International Examinations
Primary Framework for literacy and mathematics – UK
Indonesian National Curriculum
Innovation and planning have resulted in a flexible curriculum structure providing opportunities for effect lesson delivery through either structured classroom or project driven design models.
Parts of the curriculum, particularly History and Geography, are taught through our Programme which makes them more relevant to children in an international setting. Key Stage 2 subjects covered include the following:


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