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21st Centrury Global Education. Cambridge Certified Assesment Center. Fully Accredited K-12, SPK International School Semarang Indonesia.
Kindergarten (TK PAUD) - Primary (SD) - Junior High (SMP) - High School (SMA)

Your School, Your Choice.

Choose National Cetificate (UN) or Cambridge IGCSE/A-As

Offering an extensive range of courses including tailor curriculum mapped packages for international students. Our School management system allows you to track your students grades on a daily basis, see upcoming events, notes, assignments and homework. Permata Bangsa School offers many choices of extracurricular activities including Golf, tennis, badminton, football, karate, taekwondo, hip hop dancing, spelling bees and computer club.

Enroll by the 31st of December 2020 and receie 25% Saing for the 2021/2022 Academic Year

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to ensure enrolment.

We are still receiing students for this 20/21-AY

Permata Bangsa School was fortunate enough to already have systems in place to continue delivering quality 21st-century education to our students.

Online Learning Indonesia

Online Learning! Using the learning tools already used for daily classroom lessons, we were able to quickly adapt the delivery method to continue providing the full curriculum and continuing assessment .
No Student Left Behind - PBS students will smoothly transition into the next academic year having not suffered "down time" due to enforced school closures or lockdowns. 

Permata Bangsa EY-K12

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Click the PLAY icon below to watch how PBS is fighting the virus for our students, parents, staff and community.


(1) Disinfecting the Classrooms

The first step in the sanitation process is using a chemical free disinfectant over all surfaces.


(2) Fogging the classrooms

Classrooms are fogged to ensure all surfaces including the ceilings and into every nook and cranny are sanitized. 


(3) Air Conditioning Treatment

Air conditioners are steam cleaned and filters sanitized to ensure fresh clean air in the classrooms.


(5) Ozonation

This treatment uses an O3 process to clean and stabilize the atmosphere in the classrooms.

Florence October Promotion


If a new student enrolls by 31 December, they will receive a 25% Discount.
Call now 024 7464482

Member get member and siling discounts still available.


PBS teachers participate in New Directions (Japan)

PBS is proud of Mr. Amin & Mr. Tory's contribute to the New Directions 2019 conference. Mr. Amin found it very interesting sharing experiences with Dr. Margo, the author of WIDA. There was a very constructive discussion on delivering maths and science content to Indonesian learners in a mulitliningual environment. We look forward to hearing more from them as the Conference continues.!



Our golfing month has had a fantastic response. read about it here.


Message from Diknas

The Department of Education and Culture announces that they shall keep schools in Central Java closed until April the 30th. Link to official announcement

The Permata Bangsa 

School Vision

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Phone: (+62) 024.746.4482


Meet just some the folks who make Permata Bangsa School the best school in Semarang.

Our  Principal Ms. Kerry is the heart of Permata Bangsa. Designing programs and curriculum

Mr. Amin has been with Permata Bangsa since 2007. He holds a bachelor degree in sciences and maths.

Mr. Tory 
Mystery man of many wise words and most loved teacher.

Ms, Agustine has been with Permata Bangsa for 16 years and is a secalist in early ages language development.

Ms. Anissa has extensive experience with the young ones and understands the high  importance of Early Years Learning

Careers in Education

Are you an Indonesian citizen with strong English skills, hold a teaching certificate and want to fine-tune your expertise with a team of dedicated professional peers?

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Jl Gombel Lama, Golf Road. Tinjomoyo, Semarang Central Java Indonesia 50162

Contacts         Phone: +62.24.746.4482                 Fax: +62.24.746.4482